Did you know that you have 3 passwords on Facebook?

Each account on Facebook has three passwords, one is that you have chosen, the other two are automatically created by the system to help the careless who forget their passwords. But before I tell you what, we explain why this news is important.

Usually any system on the Internet (and not only) that requires a username and password works in this way:

The user name is case insensitive. This means that it can be written to both lowercase and uppercase. You can also do a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, type saintandrew@gmail.com becomes SaInTaNDreW@gMail.COM.

The password is case sensitive. With passwords there is usually only one and they need to be written exactly the same every time. This is because the password is a key access to your account, which is unique and absolutely confidential.

Facebook seems to take the first rule (Case Insensitive username) but not the case sensitive password.

The three Facebook passwords are:


Suppose your password is this:
1. This is the first password, the original and chosen by you during the registration process.


2. A second password with upper / lowercase letters reversed. Here is the example password:


3. If the first letter of your password is tiny, a third password has the first letter capitalized. example:


Try it yourself on your account, you will be surprised

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