How To Set Up Pictures Password and PIN Logon in Windows 8

Windows 8 completely gives the look and feel of tablet phones, setting up of Metro Style UI, Pictures Password, PIN logon are the features never seen before in PC operating system.. Yes, its true, Now Microsoft’s brand new Operating System supports the Picture password and PIN logon password which wasn’t available in older versions of Windows (XP/Vista and 7). In earlier operating system versions,a user can create passwords for authentication but Windows 8 provides three different authentication features to protect Local Accounts from unauthorized access.

 Three methods For Authentication In Windows 8 are:

  • Create a normal user account password (As in Windows XP/Vista & 7),
  • Set up picture password
  • Set up PIN logon password.(This is incorporated to provide password support for Windows 8 tablet users having access to only Numpad)

How To Set Up Pictures Password in Windows 8

  • Open charms bar window and click on Settings button to open PC settings.
  • Now choose Users option from the left panel and select Create Picture Password from right panel.

  • You will be prompted for your current user password.
  • Now click on Choose Picture to create a picture password.
  • Now it will display all pictures that are in your Picture Library folder.

  • Select any picture and click Use This Picture.
  • Now it will ask to set any of the gesture i.e. clicks, straight lines and circles. If you using mouse then click is recommended for you. See below example for above three gestures.
  • Assume you have choosen clicks, then click on the various parts of the picture of your combination.
  •  You can also add circles in your combination but to have to remember the size of the circle.
  •  You can even draw straight lines to set up picture password again the length of the line matters.

That’s it! Now you have successfully set up picture password.

How To Set PIN Logon Password in Windows 8

  • Next layer of protection is done by PIN logon password. Follow the following steps to create PIN Logon Password.
  • Open PC settings from the settings button in the Charms bar.
  • Select Users from left panel and click on Create a PIN button.
  • Now you will be prompted for your current Windows user’s password.
  •  Now enter 4 digit PIN code and Confirm it.
Now log off from your current account and then try to login. It will show you 3 options to login.

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