How to Stop Facebook from Tracking the Webpages You Visit

Privacy is very important for a person. Imagine someone secretly stalking you everywhere you go, what you do, what you eat. Yeah that's scary, isn't it, and all this information can be used on or against you. That's what facebook is doing right now, they are secretly storing information about all your surfing history. Almost everyone puts their real information on facebook and these big corporates are now using your informations and selling them. Well you have a choice to stand against this and stop facebook from tracking the websites that you go to.  

Check out new extension, Disconnect, which prevents tracking by Facebook and other social networks and has the most requested Facebook Disconnect feature, an on-off button. Facebook is notified whenever you visit one of the more than one million sites on the web that use Facebook Connect and has a history of leaking personally identifiable information to third parties.
Turn off the flow of your data to them!

Facebook Disconnect blocks all traffic from third-party sites to Facebook servers, but still lets you access Facebook itself.

  • Disables third-party tracking,
  • Truly depersonalizes searches,
  • Shows blocked resources and cookies,
  • Lets you easily unblock services,
  • It is free for Chrome and Firefox! 

Chrome : Get it here

Firefox: Get it here

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