5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Windows 8

Windows 8 download rumors are spreading all over the web and you can’t simply suppress your curiosity, can you? If you are not aware of all the new hype, I’ve gathered 5 simple reasons why you should switch to Windows 8 when its released.

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Windows 8:


  • Faster Boot Time

Windows 8 boot time speed is faster than Windows 7, and this is a feature that is important for many users. When the developer preview version of Windows 8 was tested for speed compared to Windows 7 the results showed that the newest version is also the faster. Windows 8 will usually boot up in a very short 12 seconds, while Windows 7 requires 35 seconds to perform this exact same process. Some other functions and processes are also faster with the Windows 8 version, but these differences were very small, and often the times between the two systems tested was only 1 second.

  • Windows Live SkyDrive Integration

Windows 8 is fully integrated with Windows Live SkyDrive, substantially opening up the possibilities and advantages offered by this operating system. SkyDrive is a drive which is located in the cloud, and this drive is both password protected and free of charge. SkyDrive offers online backup storage which is free up to the large 25 GB limit. The Windows Live feature means that you can sync all of the devices that you use with a Windows Live ID, and SkyDrive allows your system to store and save all of your files, pictures, and preferred user settings so that they can be accessed or recovered from anywhere.

  • Improved Security

The Windows 8 OS offers improved security features and settings, to keep your PC protected against viruses and other malware programs. A built in antivirus program means that any Windows 8 system will offer this protection right from the box. There is a version of Microsoft Windows Defender in this operating system which offers full features, and includes components of the popular Microsoft Security Essentials program automatically. If you prefer another antivirus program then you always have the option of turning off the built in antivirus program according to Microsoft.

  • Range Of Application Store Offerings

Windows 8 users will have access to a site called the Windows Store, where applications for this OS can be found. Consumers who visit the Windows Store can browse through and buy applications which are designed specifically for Windows 8. Applications for the Windows 8 Metro UI interface will only be found at this store, and will not be available anywhere else. The Windows Store also offers legacy applications as well as other programs for numerous uses.

  • Reset And Refresh Options

The Windows 8 operating system offers new features that users may find very convenient. Reset is an option which will automatically take your PC back to the original state, so that your system is as clean as it was when you first purchased it. Refresh is another new feature offered by Windows 8, and this option will also return your PC to the factory condition, but all of the documents on your system will be saved and retained. Both of these features offer you more control, and Refresh offers a flexibility that previous Windows operating systems did not have. The buttons for Refrsh and Reset can be found in the Control Panel of your system.

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