Hacking Gmail (Free Ebook)

Ben Hammersley

About the Author:
Armed only with a PowerBook and some fine pipe tobacco, Ben Hammersley is a
journalist, writer, explorer, and an errant developer and explainer of semantic web
technology. He’s also liable to spread his dirty, dirty words over at The Guardian.
As an Englishman of the clichéd sort, Ben’s angle brackets always balance, and his tweed is always pressed. He’s not worn trousers for six months now. Ask him about it sometime.

Desktop Integration
Integrating Your Existing Mail
Gmail Power Tips
Skinning Gmail
How Gmail Works
Gmail and Greasemonkey
Gmail Libraries
Checking for Mail
Reading Mail
Sending Mail
Dealing with Labels
Addressing Addresses
Building an API from the HTML-Only Version of Gmail
Exporting Your Mail
Using Gmail
Using GmailFS

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