FAQ: All About Keyloggers

Sometimes, a keylogger is  called also as spying software. That is a small program which is used to monitor a Local or a Remote PC.Now, keyloggers are so easy to use that a person with even a basic knowledge of computers can use keyloggers. So, once a keylogger is installed in your or victims computer, it can monitor each and every keystroke typed on your or victims computer, thus you can see how dangerous a keylogger can be.

Types of Keylogger

There are two types of Keyloggers:

  •  Hardware keylogger
  •  Software keylogger 
Hardware keyloggers are rarely used to since you can monitor a Remote computer.
Software keyloggers are the most widely used keyloggers as some of them support remote installaiton which means that you can monitor any computer anywhere in the World.

Can the Victim detect it if the keylogger is installed in his/her PC?

It's really difficult for the victim to detect keylogger's presence as it runs in complete stealth mode, It hides it self from task manager, startup etc

Can the victim trace you back?

Once the keylogger is installed, I think it's almost impossible for the victim to trace you back.

How can I protect myself from keyloggers?

A simple keylogger can be detected by even a lame antivirus, but sometimes the attacker can use methods like Crypting, Binding, Hexing etc, that make it harder for the Antivirus to detect the keylogger. So to counter that you should use a piece of software called sandboxie. The Sandboxie runs the choosen computer program in an Isolated space so if the file you receive is a keylogger, You don't need to worry about it because it won't affect your other programs. The Firefox users can use the free version of keyscrambler which encrypts each and every keystrokes you type, so even if a keylogger is installed in your computer, You don't need to worry because the attacker will receive only the encrypted keystroke

Download 2 FUD  Keyloggers.

Saint Andrew's Home Keylogger v1.1 - Free and Easy to use Keylogger for monitoring your Own Computer
Saint Andrew's Keylogger v2.0  - Nice Remote Keylogger, so you can send it to your Victim and monitor his/her passwords with it.

How to scan this keylogger file?

Well, Saint Andrew's Keylogger v2.0 is FUD (FullyUndetected) Keylogger software. There are very few FUD Keyloggers available for free, so, you have to take efforts to keep this FUD as long as possible. This will benefit all of us. So, if you wanna scan the server created by keylogger, follow the steps below to help this keylogger remain FUD.

1. Go to http://vscan.novirusthanks.org/ and upload the created server keylogger file from your computer.
2. Now, always check "Do not distribute the sample" option to avoid this from being detected by antiviruses. Now, hit on "Submit File" and you'll get antivirus report.

This is necessary because almost all other online scanners have tendency to redistribute virus detected sample to all other online scanners and hence, almost all antiviruses detect our created server as virus. Thus, our server no longer remains FUD. So, always scan FUD hacking softwares at novirusthanks.org as I have mentioned above.

Hope this articles was usefull for you.
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