Android Is The Number 1 Target Of Hackers

If you are an android users, you could be or might be the next victim of hackers, According to a report by Mcafee, Google android has became the number 1 target of hackers, The Mcafee report also says that the recent attacks from hacktivists Anonymous and Lulzsec security helped in driving a massive increase in Online attacks.
According to the threat report the reason why google android is the number 1 target, is because google is not monitoring the active distribution of mobile apps. As a result of which android users are being the victim of massive malware attacks.
What kind of Malware is being distributed?

According to Mcafee report, the android malware takes over the identity of android user, hence causing an identity theft attack. Once the malware has been installed, the hacker has complete access to any kind of information including personal data, GPS logs, Carrier and Billing code information.

According to Dave Marcus the Director Of Mcafee Security Labs:
"There is malware ending up on Android phones that is coming out of China and is being used to steal the identity of Android users, Once hackers take control of an Android device, they have access to any kind of information on there including personal data, GPS logs and carrier and billing code information."
According to me, the reason why android is being targeted the most is because most android users do not bother to use any antivirus at all, or if they use it, they do not update it all. As a reason of which it becomes fairly easy for hackers to promote and distribute malware, I don't think that there are any zero days being used, A simple trojan is being used with a little bit code obfuscation to bypass the antiviruses.

How Can I protect MySelf From Android Malware?
Simply, install a good antivirus and update it regularly. New malwares comes up every day, so you should make sure that your antivirus is updated, Plus avoid downloading any untrusted mobile apps which you are not sure about. It would be nice if you could do a little research on the google before installing any google app.

You can download the Mcafee report by clicking here

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